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But still, if my phone will be re-locked? What do I need to do?
If on the service details was not written that it is possible to re-lock, then we will re-unlock your device, or if this service is unavailable, we will make a refund.
Do you provide official unlock service?
Yes, we provide an official unlock service.
How can I know if my device sim locked by any carrier?
You can input in your device sim card of your local carrier, and if you will receive a message "Sim is not supported" it means that your device sim locked.
Another way to check it's open Settings->General->About->Carrier Lock if you see here Carrier lock, it means your device is sim locked, if you see No sim restrictions, then it means that device sim unlocked .
Also you can check if your device sim locked or unlock by one of our services, named Carrier/simlock check INSTANT, via this service you will be know sim lock status of your device, and if your device sim locked, you will be know by what carrier, so then you can order sim unlock service .
How can I know that my device was successfully unlocked?
After your device will be unlocked, we send you a message in your email with instruction what you need to do next to complete unlocking.
If I order a sim unlock service, will my device be unlocked for sure?
If in service details do not write successfully unlocking rate, then, yes, your device will be unlocked 99%. But if for some reason your device will not be unlocked, you receive a Full Refund.
In the service description I read that you do not provide a re-lock warranty, what does that mean?
For some services we provide sim-unlocking without re-lock warranty, BUT we always indicate it in the services details. So if you use this service, and after some time the device will be re-locked, then there is NO REFUND.
Is it possible that my phone can be re-locked?
No, it's not possible, except if it is not specified in the description of the service.
What do I need to do after you sim unlock my device?
There is 2 options what you can do:

Option 1:
Turn OFF and then turn ON your phone. (before doing it, connect the device to wi-fi).
After that, input the sim card of your carrier. If you still get the message "sim card is not supported", then you need to do Option 2.

Option 2:
Restore the device via iTunes to the factory settings (don't forget to make backup).
After that, input the sim card of your carrier.
What does mean service RATE XX%?
It's mean that this service has successfully unlocking rate is XX%. In case your device will not be unlocked, you get Full refund. More details about refund, you can read on our Refund policy.
Will I lose my phone data after sim unlock?
No, sim unlock does not affect your phone data. But if you will need to restore device to the factory settings, you need to make a backup of your device.
NOTE! If you do not know your apple id or password, then you can't pass the activation screen!

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