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Any other way to check country of purchase?
You can check it our website by apple serial number check you can finding in what country your device was purchased.
But still, if my phone will be re-locked? What do I need to do?
If on the service details was not written that it is possible to re-lock, then we will re-unlock your device, or if this service is unavailable, we will make a refund.
Can I ask to cancel my order if I change my mind?
If you pay only 5-10 minutes ago, then yes, you can send to us request for cancelation, BUT if you ordered any of our check services (such as the Carrier and SIMLock Check, Find my Mac CHECK, Sold By Check and others) then there is no Cancelation, because this is INSTANT services.
Can I request order cancellation if passed more than 24 hours?
No, because almost all orders are processed automatically, and can't be cancelled.
Can i check my iCloud status via serial number?
Yes, you can check iCloud status by apple serial number as well.
Do you provide bypass service?
No, we do not provide any bypass service. We provide permanent removal service. It means after removal you can do what you want with the device.
Do you provide iCloud removal service?
Yes, we can remove iCloud / Apple id from your device. You can find actual services here https://iunlocker.com/en/price/.
Do you provide official unlock service?
Yes, we provide an official unlock service.
Do you support Lost mode devices?
No, we do not support Lost mode devices for unlocking.
How accurate is the information on the page iunlocker.com/en/check_imei.php?
Information that we provide on this page we get directly from Apple, so it is as accurate as possible.
How can I find out By Model Number for which country my phone was made?
You can find the model number in settings->general->about - Model number.
For example we have this Model number MGJV3LL/A, so you need to see the last character in our case it’s LL - this means that device was made for the United States.

Here is a list of most popular model codes:

A - Canada

AB - Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt

B - UK and Ireland

BG - Bulgaria

BR - Brazil


BZ - Brazil

C - Canada

CH - China

CI - Paraguay

CM - Hungary, Croatia

CR - Croatia

CS - Slovakia, the Czech Republic

CN - Slovakia

CZ - Czech Republic

D, DM - Germany

DN - Austria, Germany, Netherlands

E - Mexico

EE - Estonia

EL - Estonia, Latvia

ER - Ireland

ET - Estonia

F - France

FB - France, Luxembourg

FD - Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland

FS - Finland

GB - Greece

GH - Hungary

GP - Portugal

GR - Greece

HB - Israel

HC - Hungary, Bulgaria

IN - India

IP - Italy

J, JP - Japan

IP - Portugal, Italy

ID - Indonesia

K - Sweden

KH - South Korea, China

KN - Denmark and Norway

KS - Finland and Sweden

LA - Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico

LE - Argentina


LP - Poland

LT - Lithuania

LV - Latvia

LZ - Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay

MG - Hungary

MM - Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia

MY - Malaysia

ND - Netherlands

NF - Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal

PK - Poland, Finland

PL, PM - Poland

PO - Portugal

PP - Philippines

PY - Spain

QB - Russia

QN - Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway

QL - Spain, Italy, Portugal

RO - Romania

RP - Russia

RR - Russia, Moldova

RS, RU - Russia

RM - Russia, Kazakhstan

RK - Kazakhstan

SE - Serbia

SL - Slovakia

SO - South Africa

SU - Ukraine

T - Italy

TA - Taiwan

TH - Thailand

TU - Turkey

TY - Italy

VN - Vietnam

X - Australia, New Zealand

Y - Spain

ZA - Singapore

ZD - Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Monaco, Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland

ZG - Denmark

ZO - United Kingdom

ZP - Hong Kong and Macau

ZQ - Jamaica
How can I know if my ATT USA device is clean or has unpaid bills?
If you a purchase device or you want purchase, and you want to check the financial status of your phone, you can use your AT&T USA financial check service.
How can I know if my device sim locked by any carrier?
You can input in your device sim card of your local carrier, and if you will receive a message "Sim is not supported" it means that your device sim locked.
Another way to check it's open Settings->General->About->Carrier Lock if you see here Carrier lock, it means your device is sim locked, if you see No sim restrictions, then it means that device sim unlocked .
Also you can check if your device sim locked or unlock by one of our services, named Carrier/simlock check INSTANT, via this service you will be know sim lock status of your device, and if your device sim locked, you will be know by what carrier, so then you can order sim unlock service .
How can I know if you support my device?
First of all you need to check your device for iCloud status , you can do it here, if iCloud status: Clean , then you need to check your device for Sold by details , after you will have these results, send message on our email, with copy of this result, then we check details and say, we support your device or not.
if iCloud status: Lost mode , then this device is not supported.
How can I know that my device was successfully unlocked?
After your device will be unlocked, we send you a message in your email with instruction what you need to do next to complete unlocking.
How can i apple coverage check of my device?
You can do it via our apple coverage check also named iphone warranty check.
How i can check my iCloud status?
By our iphone serial number check you can check iCloud status by this link https://iunlocker.com/en/check_icloud.php .
How long does the iCloud removal service take?
Service time is 5-30 days. In this time slot you will receive a result about your order.
How long do refunds take?
Refund time depends via what method you pay, if you pay via paypal balance, then you will receive a refund in 5 minutes after we cancel your order. If you pay via credit card balance, then refund time can take up to 7 business days.
How much will I receive if you cancel my order?
If you did not break our rules, then you will receive a FULL REFUND.
How to Determine if iPhone is New, Refurbished, Replacement, or Personalized
You can decode the device model prefix to find out the what device do you have (for some iPad it's also work), here's how:
Open the “Settings” on the iPhone
Go to “General” and then go to “About”
Find “Model” and then read the model number next to that text, it will look something like this “MGJV3LL/A”, the first letter will tell you what device do you have: New, Refurbished, Replacement or Personalized:

M – this is a retail model.

F – this device was refurbished by Apple.

N - this is a Replacement device, meaning the original device was replaced by Apple or Apple Authorised Service Center.

P – This is also a retail model but was customised for a customer, with an engraving on the phone.
If I order a sim unlock service, will my device be unlocked for sure?
If in service details do not write successfully unlocking rate, then, yes, your device will be unlocked 99%. But if for some reason your device will not be unlocked, you receive a Full Refund.
If I place an order with iCloud clean, but then status be changed to Lost mode?
In this case your order will be cancelled, money refunded, except 3$ of fee.
If I placed an order with a device that you do not support, what happened?
We will cancel your order and cut 3$ from a refund. All other amounts will be refunded.
If i forgot apple id account details, can you help me to remove iCloud from my Apple Device?
If your iCloud status is on Clean mode, then yes, we can try to unlock your device, you can choose the right service here iCloud/Apple ID Removal Service
If you do not unlock my device, will I get a refund?
Yes, if your device will not be unlocked in the time slot, we make a refund.
In the check report i have a line iCloud Status what does it mean?
There are only 2 status of iCloud, it's Clean mode and Lost mode.
Clean mode means that on this device function Find my iPhone is ON, and the device was not reported lost or stolen.
Lost mode means that the original owner turned on this function because the device was lost or stolen.
In the service description I read that you do not provide a re-lock warranty, what does that mean?
For some services we provide sim-unlocking without re-lock warranty, BUT we always indicate it in the services details. So if you use this service, and after some time the device will be re-locked, then there is NO REFUND.
Is it possible that my phone can be re-locked?
No, it's not possible, except if it is not specified in the description of the service.
On checking page (iunlocker.com/en/check_imei.php) IMEI/SN in check report what mean the line "Past firs Activation"?
That means that the device was unpacked and activated.
Someone's stolen my device, can you help me to find or track it?
No, we can’t help with that. You should contact the local police office and they will help you to find your phone.
What Apple devices do you support for iCloud Removing Service?
We support iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Headphones.
What do I need to do after you sim unlock my device?
There is 2 options what you can do:

Option 1:
Turn OFF and then turn ON your phone. (before doing it, connect the device to wi-fi).
After that, input the sim card of your carrier. If you still get the message "sim card is not supported", then you need to do Option 2.

Option 2:
Restore the device via iTunes to the factory settings (don't forget to make backup).
After that, input the sim card of your carrier.
What does Lost mode mean in iCloud status check?
It means that the original owner turned ON Lost mode function because the device was lost or stolen.
What does mean service RATE XX%?
It's mean that this service has successfully unlocking rate is XX%. In case your device will not be unlocked, you get Full refund. More details about refund, you can read on our Refund policy.
What is IMEI?
IMEI uses all phone brands that support GSM signals. IMEI is used to indicate your device in operator networks. If you lose your device or someone stole it, by imei you can report to police and to your network so they can add your imei to a blacklist base. Also via IMEI you can apple check warranty on our website, or iCloud status check and iphone imei number check .
What is a Model Number?
You can find the model number in settings->general->about - Model number.
What mean Demo device?
A demo device has been used in Apple stores or any other third-party vendor for demonstration purposes. Some stores sell them with 20-30% discount from the retail price and they still carry a one year Apple warranty from the purchase date.
What mean Device has been replaced?
This device should have been turned back to Apple when it was replaced under warranty. But it seems the person who sold it to you did not turn it back. Device like that are hard to activate. So better do not purchase device like that.
What mean Loaner device?
When you send your device for repair to Apple, they can lend you another phone while yours is being repaired. So this device is named the Loaner device.
What mean Refurbished device?
It's a device that was have some fault, and the owner returned it back to Apple, then they fixed and re-sale it.
What mean Replacement device?
Means device was replaced by Apple or Apple Authorised Service Center due to a problem with the old device.
What mean the line GSMA Blacklist?
The GSMA its global IMEI blacklisting service that has its own base of lost or stolen devices. The mobile operators share their own blacklist (list of devices that was reported lost or stolen by their customers) to a global database. So then they can block these devices in different networks and countries.
What result i can receive via att imei check?
1. Clean - meaning that your att device is clean.
2. Financed / Unpaid bills - here is a list of reason "Looks_like_you_havent_paid_off_your_device_yet", "Theres_an_unpaid_balance_linked_to_your_device", "In Contract".
3. Blacklisted - meaning that your device was reported Lost / Stolen / Fraud.
What status does the GSMA blacklist have?
GMSA blacklist has 2 status, CLEAN or BLACKLISTED.
Clean - means that you no need to worry, with your device all fine.
Blacklisted - mean that your phone was reported lost or stolen, and it will not work in most countries in the world.
You can check the GSMA Blacklist status of your device via this service LINK (https://iunlocker.com/en/order/service/242).
Where can I find IMEI or Serial number?
IMEI or Serial number is always written on the phone box or you can find it in settings->general->about.
A More easy way to find imei it's dial up *#06#.
The reason for this error it's that we could not get information from Apple servers. Probably they has some technical work. You can try rechecking your imei number iphone after 5 minutes, if you still receive the same error, then better go drink a tee, and then come back for a check!
Why my device has purchase date 1978?
Almost all devices who have this date are devices that was sold by BRIGHTSTAR or LIKEWIZE. This device was early used and then resold without warranty with permission from Apple.
Will I lose my phone data after sim unlock?
No, sim unlock does not affect your phone data. But if you will need to restore device to the factory settings, you need to make a backup of your device.
NOTE! If you do not know your apple id or password, then you can't pass the activation screen!
Your iCloud removal service is support IOS XX?
We support any version of IOS, for our service doesn’t matter what iOS your device has. Because this is a removal service, not a bypass.

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