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Carrier and SIMLock Check IMEI(INSTANT)
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Before making an order, please read these rules:
  • THIS SERVICE DOES NOT REMOVE ICLOUD (ACTIVATION ID LOCK) FROM YOUR DEVICE, AND DOES NOT REMOVE SIMLOCK FROM YOUR DEVICE, this is a check service, it provides carrier/simlock check of your device.
  • This service support only iPhone.
  • This service not provide information who Sold by your device.
  • Some time service can be overloaded, so if you cant wait longer, better do not purchase this service.
  • If your device is simlocked, then this service will show to what carrier device locked. If your device is unlocked, then check result will be Unlocked, it not show to what carrier phone was locked.

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Sample of Carrier and SIMLock Check result
If device simlock = Unlocked, then result will be like this
IMEI : 3533******41809
Model: iPhone 6S Plus 16GB rose gold
IMEI Number: 3533******41809
Serial Number: DQGS****GRWQ
Find My iPhone: ON
iCloud Status: CLEAN
Locked Carrier: Unlocked
Simlock: Unlocked
If device simlock = Locked, then result will be like this
IMEI : 35656******2115
Model: iPhone 7 32GB rose gold
IMEI Number: 35656******2115
Serial Number: C6K****HG7J
Find My iPhone: ON
iCloud Status: LOST
Locked Carrier: UK O2 Tesco
Country: GB - United Kingdom
Simlock: Locked

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