You create an order for
Xiaomi Mi account removal
Supported model:
Any Xiaomi devices
Need time:
1-5 days
Average time:
39.00 USD
For this service we accept ONLY this payments methods:
Binance Pay, IU Balance, USDT

Before making an order, please read these rules:
  • This service support devices only from Azerbaijan!!
  • This service support ANY model of XIAOMI/Redmi etc.
  • If you placed a device which we do not support, we will cut 4$ from Refund.
  • To check Country country of purchase you need to use this service Xiaomi country check.
  • This service support only Clean devices (Mi lock: ON, Mi status: Clean). Through this link you can check Xiaomi Mi status.
  • If the order in process, then it cant be canceled.
  • Mi account removal service does not support *LOST MODE devices, if you placed device that on *Lost mode, then there is NO REFUND!!!.
  • If for some reason we cant unlock your device you will received REFUND.

*Lost mode - reported as lost or stolen.
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